An American Abroad

Hello! I’m Amanda, a former Philadelphian turned New Yorker, turned expat living in Amsterdam. I recently moved back to New York City, where I plan to call home again for the next few years.

I’ve never been a backpacker, user of couch-surfing networks, or frequenter of hostels. In fact, that travel lifestyle doesn’t suit me. Before moving abroad, I found ways to optimize my vacations to suit my little holiday time from work, at places that kept my budget in mind while still enjoying selected luxuries. Since living in Amsterdam, I’ve been able to plan and experience many trips like this throughout Europe. Sometimes I like to relax into the culture around me and take time to decompress. Sometimes I like to immerse myself in the experiences available, see as much as possible, and go, go, go! Most times, I try for a bit of both.

Having planned and taken over 45 personal trips in the last 3 years (including one around the world!), I’ve learned the ins and outs of efficient and memorable travel planning. I've become very skilled in creating and executing these amazing holiday experiences, especially in Europe. A Rhine River, Black Forest, and historic WW2 road trip through Germany to Austria — Rome to the mountains of Abruzzo to the coastline towns of Sorrento and Positano — A long weekend around the Norwegian Fjords — and on and on…  

I have experience planning outside of Europe, too. The Great Barrier Reef to Sydney to the otherworldly Rotorua, New Zealand — A city weekend in Vancouver followed by the snow town of Whistler — Victoria Falls and a safari in Botswana —Volcano hunting on the Big Island of Hawaii, and on and on again!

A natural planner and organizer, I genuinely enjoy the tedium of researching flights, flight connections, hotels, travel itineraries, restaurants, experiences, and anything else that goes into creating a vacation and maintaining a budget. I appreciate that the extra effort and expertise going in means a bit more money in your pocket and usually a smoother and more memorable trip!  

Beyond travel, I spend my time in Amsterdam, and more recently New York City, with my Australian husband, training for and running half marathons—and once the full NYC Marathon!—enjoying a dry sparkling wine, following Pearl Jam (for 20+ years), and continuously trying to get better at speaking French.

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